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Nina Rumbough

“I have known and used Joanna and Insiders Travel since 2011. I would not dream of going to Spain without her expertise, knowledge and her insider access to amazing and fun experiences! Over the years I have challenged her to find different experiences and she always rises above and beyond to deliver amazing experiences which of course translates to amazing memories!
During Covid lockdowns, I have been using Joanna’s talents to bring Spain to my group of adventure seeking friends. We have had wonderful and unique ZOOM’S! Can’t wait to go back and see how Joanna again in Spain! Ole!”


(Private Virtual Experience client - Art)

Ros Ives

“The wines we tasted were high scoring, highly regarded and not easy to get hold of in the UK – so we felt as though we’d had a real treat. A wonderful relaxed learning experience in lively and informative company and a large glass of full bodied red in hand – thanks Jo we’d love to do it again!”

(Meet the Winemakers Series)

Kath Sidoli

I really enjoyed the sociability of it and the information we gleaned. We enjoyed the wine very much too. Can’t wait to attend another tasting!

(Meet Spanish Winemakers series)

Amos Goldreich

If you are struggling to think of how to entertain friends or clients, I highly recommend this! We asked Joanna to put together a private version of Spanish Saturday, Tasting and Tapas for our group online party. – it really does make you feel you are being transported to Spain . I like the food element and learning about wine . Rául is very engaging and I love the hosted style and repartee between him and Joanna. A great evening in!


Wonderful virtual art history tour

“In these crazy COVID times, I signed up for a virtual tour experience with a number of friends. The 5 senses – an Art Tour exceeded my expectations and was even better than being at the Prado museum in Madrid. Our tour guide Teresa, was an expert in the art of Spain. She guided us thru the paintings of the most famous Spanish artists while also giving us unique insight into several of the masterpieces. It was really fun sharing this one hour Zoom experience with our friends. I highly recommend this tour for anyone with even a mild interest in art!”

(Highlights of the Prado Museum)


Amazing Virtual Tour of the Prado

“Just did a wonderful art history virtual tour of the Prado Museum in Madrid. Our guide Teresa was extremely knowledgeable and articulate. The paintings she highlighted were some of Spain’s greatest masterpieces. Our group was intrigued the entire hour. I would highly recommend this tour to experts and novices alike.”

(Highlights of the Prado Museum)
Virtual Spanish Wine Tasting Insiders Travel Art Prado Museum Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez Insiders Travel

More on our "Virtual Experiences":

Each programme connects you with one of our experts for an hour-long online chat, augmented with live-feed sounds and images, and even samples sent directly to your home. So, while a master winemaker walks and talks you through a Spanish vineyard, you can taste the Rioja and Albariño for yourself, and pair them with our recommended cheeses. And while our Hemingway expert tells you stories from the author’s wild nights out in Madrid, he’ll also show you how to mix the very cocktails that “Don Ernesto” used to order, so we can raise a glass to him together.

Our range of Virtual Experiences covers master paintings with an art historian, flamenco music and dancing with a professional performer, introductions to Spanish fashion and interiors with designers in those fields.

Hosted over Zoom they are fully crafted and curated sessions that feel like dropping into a member’s club. You can ask questions, take notes, share moments with your friends (or company or classrooms!), and get a sense for all the colour, dash, and personality that we bring to our tours.

It’s the next best thing to being here with us. And soon enough, you will be.