As we gradually unlock ourselves, so has the world’s oldest restaurant, Botín as it opened its doors to the public once more last week. We were so happy to get our first booking for the Botín Experience this week, a sign that people are starting to think about travel again albeit in a socially distanced manner, happy to meet others but mindful of being careful as we discover new places and meet new people. 

Madrid’s Restaurante Botín, open since 1725 and run by only two families in all this time,  closed its doors to the public as it shut down, along with the rest of us in March. Those of

you that have joined us for our Botín Experience tour and dinner will remember the original over dating back to 1725 used for roasting the house speciality, the suckling pig. While the restaurant was closed, the oven was alight, keeping history alive but also for practical reasons to maintain its temperature.  While our tour will be as informative and entertaining as usual, we are following the necessary guidelines to keep guests and employees healthy. Upon entering the restaurant, guests will walk across a sanitizing floor mat upon entering, and will have their temperature taken. We ask guests to use hand sanitizer and to wear their face masks correctly until they sit at their table for dinner. You sit at tables positioned to be in line with the correct social and physical distancing . so that you are able to enjoy a relaxing dinner in the right circumstances. We look forward to inviting you inside the restaurant for that  exclusive visit before the restaurant opens and you are seated at your table to enjoy dinner just like Hemingway, Ava Gardner and so many others before you. Buen provecho!


Outstanding door of the Botin. I shall do it again with Meg