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I want to connect you with the real Spain and Portugal I know and love.
Our tours aim to take you by the hand and say: “look at this; feel this; taste this; relax and drink it all in.”
If you’re a ravenous foodie, an art buff, a wine aficionado or a nature lover, or all of those and you enjoy people, we will immerse you in the essence of Spain and Portugal as they are lived by their people.
You will meet characters like Angeles, who has been cooking paella in her family’s restaurant for 26 years; Alberto, whose two great loves are an incongruous pair, jamón and tennis; Lauren who tends tirelessly to the grapes in his hilltop vineyard, bursting with sunshine and personality; or Cristina, who learned to clap flamenco with her palms before she could even walk. There are so many great people and places ready to welcome us; it’s just a question of having the time to fit them all in!
Our tours, in small groups for up-close experiences with experts in their cultural field, give you the time to relax with your friends, family and colleagues and take the risk element out of trip planning.
I want you to feel you have been a part of these countries, met its people, seen its beauty but most of all, that you have felt its soul.
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Making your holiday a memory to cherish: Carly, tailored travel director
I enjoy discovering the stories behind art, history and food, and matching them to my clients’ personality. There is a real joy in facilitating others so those stories can surprise them along the way.
Based in Surrey, England, my interest in travel is grounded in a fascination with history. The real events which happened in each unique place give them their special character and I am delighted to be able to share a taste of that with my clients. 
I start with an understanding of their interests, perhaps they already have a vision … then I think hard how I can enhance it and take it to the next level. If they have a particular passion or idea, say, “Renaissance architecture” or “World War II” or “horses in Jerez” then I will work out a way for them to soak it up in a fulfilling way. I know my subject well and thanks to Insider’s network of expert guides, I like to put a little twist on an idea and provoke a “wow” moment.
I’m very organised and I enjoy working out how to fit in the perfect number of destinations and events, with all the right watering holes in between. My goal is that each guest on our tours will savour their holiday and remember it forever.
Favourite cities: Edinburgh – with its craggy, volcanic vibe, Neo-Classical and Georgian architecture, Medieval history and friendly locals; and Rome, its ancient architecture, stunning piazzas and sparkling fountains are an endless feast for the eye.
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History, serendipity… and football! Meg, tour design and operations manager
For me, travel is a constant wellspring of creativity, whether that is writing or art. I like to bring that drive to my work, designing and organising tours which draw on our guests’ individual tastes.
A series of serendipitous meetings led me to Spain. I was a student of art history and keen to know more about Goya and Miro when I came to Madrid on a master’s programme. Then I fell in love –and not just with Spain!—so I decided not to return home. That turned out to be lucky because it led me to Insider’s, where I have had wonderful opportunities to witness art and culture up close and share that with our guests.
My job as tour design and operations manager means I draw on my historical interest and knowledge to design itineraries for tailored European tours, describing the destinations enticingly as they deserve.
It also means I get to channel my hyper-organised and efficient side. But Spaniards’ innate ability to relax and live in the moment gives me lots of chances to take a break and step back a little.
Originally from New Jersey, I am athletic and like to push boundaries. This has led to some unique choices, such as being the only female coach in my son’s baseball league and the only female player in my male soccer league. This love of sport was also behind my choice to create a running tour in Madrid.
I have often been able to combine my active personality with my interest in history to design meaningful, personalized trips across Europe. Currently I am working on a tour around Berlin, where I hope to bring to bear my historical knowledge of World War II.
Favourite cities: I like to do an annual trip to a new destination to keep ideas circulating, but two of my favourites are Lisbon – for its beach, culture and history, all rolled into one; and Copenhagen, which has a beautiful, laid-back vibe and amazing people.
A love of the open road and cultural jewels: Gerard, bookings manager
I relish the logistical challenge of piecing together the elements that make our biggest tours into a fun, relaxing experience. Because at root I’m a pragmatist, I’m always looking for ways to show off the hidden delights of Spain and Portugal with details which slip easily into the mix.
As former British army officer, logistics and administration are my areas of expertise. I take real pride in bringing many and varied elements together, say, jamón with Picasso with flamenco guitar, to create a seamless experience.
Originally from Sussex, what has kept me in Spain is its earthiness and informality, the way people of all ages gather in bars enjoying each other’s company over a quick, cold beer wherever you go. Even after living here for a long while, there’s still something about the light and the glorious chaos that appeals to me.
One of my passions is my motorcycle and it gives me wonderful opportunities to explore new territory and discover hidden gems. There’s a sense of freedom and adventure that comes with it, whether it’s cruising through vast plains in Castilla y Leon or Andalusia, visiting small, picturesque towns like Sepulveda or immersing myself in the sensory delights of the rich countryside in the Duero region, I find joy in the journey itself as well as in new places.
Favourite cities: I have lived all over the world but it is hard to beat Valencia for its incredible rice dishes and the art, and it is probably an underrated city; I also love Oporto for the warmth of its people, its understated vibe and its fantastic port wine bodegas.
Heather, Creative & Marketing
Spontaneity, passion & destino:   Heather, Head of Content and Marketing
First as a guide and now as a head of marketing and content, I love bringing together the riot of elements which make a culture so intoxicating and offering it to our guests.
For me, Spain in particular is the place where the stars aligned. The first time I came here I never wanted to leave! Spaniards do life as I like it – informally, out there, no holds barred with a lot of emphasis on spontaneity. Everyone’s invited and the only thing you need is a willingness to jump on board.
A Californian by birth, I first came here as a student with little Spanish and inspired by the dreamy singer Enrique Iglesias. Eventually, I even got to meet him, but that’s a whole other story (see video make sure to click for subtitles!). I was inspired to learn Spanish from the words of his songs and when I arrived I couldn’t believe my luck. I ended up settling in Madrid and now have my own Spanish family.
Meeting Joanna and working for Insider’s is a dream come true because it means I can tap into my enthusiasm for culture to bring it to other people. Taking guests around to see the sights, meet the locals and taste the best tapas, which was my first job at Insider’s, is an opportunity to make new friends and refresh that first time enthusiasm.
I moved from tours to organizing events because, as much as I love the fun, I’m very organised and good at logistics. I’m able to think 6 steps ahead and that works well when overseeing complex events.
From there I pivoted to web design, content and marketing, where I could apply my enthusiasm to our guests in the same way, just on a different platform. I really enjoy finding ways to express and share all the thrilling work that we do here at Insider’s.
Favorite cities: I love Paris because it plugs me into my feminine, creative side and I come home feeling rejuvenated and quite the francaise. And the food simply lifts my soul; I also have a real soft spot for Venice because my favorite movie (Only You, 1994, Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr) was partly set there. I’ve watched it hundreds of times and when I visit Venice I just feel like I’ve time travelled… or am on the set of a romantic movie. My eyes and brain can’t handle how perfect all the history, sights and colors are. Just mind-blowing.
I am one of life’s enthusiasts and I love finding ways to facilitate my guests’ enjoyment of interesting places and fun events. I like to think that by satisfying their travel needs, I’m providing them with little hits of happiness. It is rewarding, like a jigsaw puzzle, when things slot into place.
My background is in conflict resolution and international relations. I am a good listener and very organised, someone who is genuinely interested in the variety of different people and places the world contains, so working at Insider’s Travel is perfect for me.
Originally from Barcelona, I have lived in many places with all of their different cultural quirks. That is how I was lucky enough to acquire several languages (Catalan, Spanish, French and English) and those have given me the tools and the insight to understand and bridge cultural gaps. I have lived in France, Switzerland, UK, Morocco and the United States during different periods as well as Spain, but my heart is Mediterranean. I am a big fan of its delicious simple food and lifestyle.
Despite that, I have been happily resident in Madrid since 2021 and proud to be caring for my two young daughters. I honestly think being a father is the hardest yet most joyful job, and I’m glad to report that I’m good at it! At least, I hope my daughters think that when they grow up…
I am a fitness freak and I love being surrounded by parks and mountains in Madrid, so I can enjoy the outdoors. I have also been a personal trainer in the past, so I take my health very seriously and enjoy the buzz of a good workout.
My favourite places are, firstly, Madrid; a brilliant combination of all the places I’ve ever been. Anywhere you go there is good food, colour, light and ambience as well as a great work-life balance. It is safe and spacey, but not so huge you feel swamped. People are friendly, kids are welcome everywhere and it is affordable. It’s just a great place to be.
The other place is Mallorca. It’s a luminous Mediterranean paradise where life is beautiful and you can relax on its glorious beaches. I have lots of good childhood memories from the island because I partly grew up there.