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JULY 17, 2020

Hello! Heather here! Thought I’d fill you all in on what we are currently cooking up!

As we are all too familiar, travel is looking quite… creative here in 2020. To keep our wonderful clients connected to our friends (and local legends) here in Spain, we have come up with a series of our own exclusive Insider’s Virtual Experiences – each a unique opportunity to meet fascinating experts, ones you’ll be able to meet one day soon when you come to see us!  

    • Meet winemakers based here in Spain who will not only tell you about their personal history, their vision, their intentions but also send you their wine for you to sip on the final product from the comfort of your home!  Or, if you prefer an introductory session on Spanish wine, we will set you up with one of our sommeliers for a session tailored to your taste and level!  Meet the winemakers and introduction to Spanish wine.
    • Meet Stephen Phelan, an outstanding journalist who happens to be our resident Hemingway expert and guide. Join him to make specific cocktails inspired by Hem’s faves as he talks to you about all the grit and glamour, writing and fighting of Don Ernesto’s Spanish adventures. From his earliest visits as a young aficionado of the bullfights, to his dangerous reporting assignments on the front lines of the Spanish Civil War, to his later nights out with Hollywood stars at the city’s most glamorous cocktail lounges. COCKTAILS WITH HEMINGWAY EXPERT
    • Finally take that flamenco dance class you have been meaning to try – lead by a professional flamenco dancer and teacher. Go at any pace you’d like!  FLAMENCO DANCE CLASS, VIRTUAL EDITION
    • Uncover the seemingly mysterious world of flamenco! Meet a professional flamenco dancer who will answer all your burning questions about what on earth those dancers, guitarists, and singers are so passionate about. Learn the roots and rhythms – go deep and get a real appreciation for this art form! This of course, accompanied by (your favorite) aperitifs and clips of legendary performances that best exemplify flamenco. Olé. FLAMENCO UNCOVERED: VIRTUAL EDITION
Tasting and Tapas Virtual Online Experience

See and hear how wine, the ancient, eternal drink has developed over the centuries as a privilege of the powerful, a form of currency, a symbol and a wellspring of health and merriment. Works by Brueghel, Velázquez and Ribera are just some of the masterpieces that you’ll explore! WINE: AN ART TOUR

Use all five senses (on this Award Winning Tour!) to delve into how great painters and sculptors can bring out the textures of skin and cloth, the invisible effects of music, and even the flavour of the food on banquet tables in historical scenes from centuries ago. Masterpieces by Bosch, Rubens, Rembrandt and Goya are just some of the works you will discover on this adapted tour.  As Teresa says, “great art is like an open window to the variety and beauty of the world”, and on this occasion your browser window can work the same way… THE FIVE SENSES: AN ART TOUR * important to note: In 2019, Teresa’s extraordinary self-designed tour Madrid With The Five Senses was awarded the coveted first prize for “Madrid’s Best Guided Visit”!!!

All of our sessions are private – you can take them either by yourself, with a partner, friend, parent, son, daughter, neighbor, new acquaintance, local butcher… with whomever you’d like to share (or gift) your experience! 

What do you say?

Let’s raise a glass (or foot…) together to make the most of these interesting times!

By Heather

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