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Highlights of the Prado, Testimonials!

We would love for you to join us this Sunday, October 25th! We will be hosting our “Highlights of the Prado, Virtual Experience” – one of our favorites. If you’d like to see what others have said about this Experience, look no further. Here are some testimonials from clients who set up a Private Prado […]

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When the Virtual becomes Real Life

  On Wednesday night, Raúl, Heather and I took part in the closing part of Waypoint, a virtual networking event for travel content writers.  In preparation, we did the (now) habitual tidying up the book-case, bringing out the flowers and fixing the lighting to make our homes warm, welcoming and camera-ready for the event.  As […]

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Introduction to Spanish Wines

If you’re curious about wine but feel it’s not your world, or looking to learn a little more about the Rioja or cava you drank on holiday, these casual and convivial sessions are ideal for deepening your knowledge and broadening your palate.  The experience may be “virtual”, but the wines are very real and highly […]

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From a tiny chair to front row seats. My personal flamenco journey.

One morning during lockdown, when the world seemed speeded up and slowed down at the same time, I found myself rummaging through a box of belongings in search of my little, wooden toy chair. I needed it visible at a time when so many Spanish things I identify with were not. It was a gift […]

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Wine: An Art Tour 

Wine: An Art Tour Wine-makers and connoisseurs would tell you that winemaking is an art in itself. This is especially true in Spain, where painting and viniculture are so entwined that great museums of Madrid are awash with scenes of biblical, historical, and mythic heroes raising, drinking, or otherwise sloshing a glass of red or […]