Fashion, Art & Flamenco: an interview with Cristina Cazorla

Fashion, Art & Flamenco: an interview with Cristina Cazorla february 8, 2021 Back in October, with our enthusiasm to expand our virtual offerings and create experiences that would bring a bit of Spain into people’s living rooms, we sat down with Cristina Cazorla, one of Madrid’s most prominent dancers from the bolera school, to ask […]

Spain v California Part 2

Spain vs California Part 2 January 14, 2021 CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE JANUARY 31st TASTING IF YOU LIVE IN THE US! If you are in EUROPE, click here!  In preparation for our Spain vs California wine tasting coming up on January 31st, we had the privilege of speaking with Sonoma winemaker, Palmer Emmitt, to learn a […]

Spain vs California Part 1

Spain vs California Part 1 January 11, 2021 (Click HERE for Part 2 to this post!) To get ready for our Spain vs California tasting on January 31st, we had a chat with Raúl Orantes (our wine expert who leads out Tasting & Tapas sessions!) and he laid out some basic information essential to understanding these two, complex regions that […]

Tasting and Tapas: Mencía

Tasting and Tapas: Mencía DECEMBER 17, 2020 As we entered the season of giving, we raised money for two wonderful charities important to us, Reach Out to the Community in Manchester and Fiet Gratia in Madrid. We hope you will be able to join us and help two very worthy causes, while also enjoying some Mencía […]

Tasting & Tapas: DO Cava

Tasting and Tapas: D.O. Cava November 24, 2020 To kick off our chat with Raúl, he explained to us the basic differences between cava and champagne. First and foremost, champagne comes from the Champagne region in France while cava is produced in Spain, principally in the Penedés region in Cataluña. Cava is mainly made with 3 grape […]

Tasting & Tapas: DO Ribera del Duero

Tasting and Tapas: DO Ribera del Duero November 24, 2020 On the last Saturday in April, Saturday 24th, we put away our witches hats from Galicia and our hipster fedoras from Priorat and we don our most regal crowns as we travel to DO Ribera del Duero located in the heart of Castilla, or land of castles in […]

Tasting & Tapas: DOCa Priorat

Tasting & Tapas: DOCa Priorat November 18, 2020 On one of our past Virtual Experiences we delved into the divine wines of DOCa Priorat, which is one of 12 Denominations of Origin in the Catalonia autonomous community. Priorat comes from the word ‘priory’ in English, referring to a monastery headed by a Prior. In the 12th century, […]

Tastings & Tapas: All about Rioja!

Tastings & Tapas: All about Rioja! November 5, 2020 In preparation for our Rioja wine tasting (vs Ribera del Duero!) Saturday, April 24th, we had a chat with our Spanish wine expert, Raúl, and he gave us “the dirt” on the region and shared with us some fascinating facts. Firstly, interestingly enough, La Rioja the wine region […]

Highlights of the Prado, testimonials!

Highlights of the Prado, Testimonials! October 22, 2020 We would love for you to join us this Sunday, October 25th! We will be hosting our “Highlights of the Prado, Virtual Experience” – one of our favorites. If you’d like to see what others have said about this Experience, look no further. Here are some testimonials from […]

When the Virtual becomes Real Life

When the Virtual becomes Real Life October 16, 2020 On Wednesday night, Raúl, Heather and I took part in the closing part of Waypoint, a virtual networking event for travel content writers.  In preparation, we did the (now) habitual tidying up the book-case, bringing out the flowers and fixing the lighting to make our homes […]