What time are the tours?

We run 2 tours every day.  At 12pm followed by lunch at 1pm and at 7pm followed by dinner at 8pm.

Is the tour in English?

Yes, the tour is run in English.  We have the capacity to run the tour in Spanish but the default language is English.

What does the tour entail and how long is it?

The tour takes you to all 4 dining room floors, including into the cellar and to see the original oven from 1725.  You learn the history of the restaurant and anecdotes from celebrities such as Hemingway who frequented the restaurant. The tour lasts approximately 50 minutes.

Can I take the tour if I am just 1 person? Do you accommodate solo diners?

We welcome and encourage solo diners! Our tour opens with a minimum of 2 people so, if there are no other bookings already scheduled for your desired date, we will ask you for all of your availability and do our best to accommodate you. 

How many people are on the tour?

The tour is a small group tour with a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 12 people.

Can I do the tour if I have mobility issues?

The Botin Restaurant has a number of stairs and no elevator. The tour takes you up and down 4 different flights of stairs to reach the 4 dining rooms. The guide can adjust the pace slightly but if you have severe mobility difficulties, the tour may not be suitable.

What happens if I arrive late?

You can go directly inside to find the guide and group if you arrive late and do not see the guide outside. Please note that, even if you arrive late and miss some of the tour, or the tour in its entirety, the cost is the same (78 euros per person).

What is the cancellation policy?
Will I have my own table for the meal?

Yes. Unless you say on your booking form that you are willing to share a table for the meal. *Sharing a table increases your chances of securing a booking (particularly if you are booking within a month of your desired reservation date).


Can I reserve a specific table or specific dining room?

No. The restaurant does not guarantee seating in a specific dining room. However, if you tell your guide at the conclusion of the tour where you would like to sit, he or she will do their best to get you seated there for the meal.

What can I do if I have a birthday in my group?

When submitting the booking form, please mention this is a birthday celebration so we can ask for a candle to come with your dessert.  We usually serve an assortment of the Botin desserts but alternatively, you can request the Tarta Botin (a vanilla cream and meringue cake) and a candle instead.

Can I take the tour and then not have the fixed menu/ order freely from the menu?

No. The tour must be in conjunction with the fixed menu.


When do I pay?

The tour and meal are included in the cost of 82 euros and are paid to the waiter at the end of the meal.

How do I make payment?

Unless a prepaid tour has been arranged for you, payment is made via cash or by card to the waiter at the end of the meal.

Which cards are accepted?

Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express & JCB

Can I give the experience as a gift to someone else and pay in advance?

Yes.  If you wish to pay in advance and give a gift, let us know and we can arrange payment by credit card before the date of the meal. We can also send a gift certificate attachment that you can give to the person if you wish.

What is the tipping protocol?

While tipping is appreciated, it is not expected. If you would like to tip the guide, please do so before he or she leaves before the meal service begins.  If you would like to tip the waiter, please do so at the conclusion of the meal.  Please note the guide can only be tipped in cash.


Can we accommodate vegetarians?

Yes. All courses that contain meat can be substituted with vegetarian options. Typical substitutes are mixed grilled vegetables, Spanish omelette with potatoes, green salad, and gazpacho chilled tomato soup.

What if I have an allergy or dietary restrictions?

Please mention your allergy in your booking submission and ALSO to your guide and waiter at the conclusion of the tour when you are seated at the table as a reminder.

Courses that contain whatever you are unable to eat can be substituted with other dishes. Once you are seated, this can be arranged with your guide and waiter.

Can I substitute items that I do not like on the menu?

Unless you have a dietary restriction that you have informed us about in your booking, the only course that can be changed is the scrambled eggs with the morcilla blood sausage (this can be substituted with scrambled eggs and asparagus) and, for the main course, you can order roasted lamb instead of suckling pig.

Can I add additional items from the regular menu to my meal?

The fixed menu is a lot of food (!) so we do not recommend ordering additional courses. But, if you wish to order something extra, there is no problem. Please note though that you will have to pay the additional cost of the item.

What drinks come with the meal and how many?

The fixed meal comes with about the equivalent of a half of a bottle of wine per person (either red or white). Also, each person gets still or sparkling water and a coffee if they wish. If you do not like wine, you can have 2 beers,  2 glasses of sangria, or 2 soft drinks.

Is there a children's menu for a different price?

Yes, children 12 and under can have the children's meal, which includes appetizers and  a grilled chicken, beef or pork fillet with french fries. The price for their tour and meal is 41 euros per person.


How far in advance should I make a booking?

We need a minimum of 24 hours to arrange the guide and reserve a table.  However, as with all restaurants, the more notice you give, the more chance we have of fulfilling your wishes.  We will reply to all inquiries within 24 hours except for inquiries made over the weekend, which we will respond to within 36 hours.

Can my large group of 20-50 people be accommodated?

Yes (depending on availability at the restaurant). We divide large groups into 2 smaller groups with 2 separate guides. You will explore the different dining rooms separately in your two groups and then all eat together afterwards.


Does the restaurant run the tour?

No, the tour is run by Insider’s Travel, which has been running the Botín Experience for the past 15 years alongside its other experiences and tours in Spain and Portugal.

Do you offer an equivalent tour in other cities?

Yes, we organise the Caracoles Experience in Barcelona.

What else can you help me organise for my trip to Spain?

We offer a wide variety of tours and activities throughout Spain. Please look through our website to see what else we offer.

Can I organise the Botín Experience as a company/corporate event?

Yes, we'd be delighted to help you with this. Please email info@insiderstravel.io to get started.