Flamenco Uncovered - Virtual Edition

Meet & spend time with a professional flamenco dancer to get a truly behind the scenes experience.

Learn about their world and the roots, rhythms, history and the intuition of Spain’s best-known art form. What makes this flamenco performance so spontaneous? What is the unspoken language between the performers?  Does the spirit of flamenco, the duende, really exist?  Our dancer will share with you some clips of different flamenco performances and explain what to look for and how to interpret them, true insider’s knowledge.  You will also receive a glossary of flamenco terms to help you show off to your friends after this class! 

This is a full immersion into the passionate world of flamenco, recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Olé!

Flamenco History Café Cantante 1885 insiders travel

What to Expect

Flamenco History Café Cantante 1885 insiders travel

Learn from a professional flamenco dancer about the history, the evolution, the profession, and the rhythms of flamenco.

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Receive a glossary of flamenco terms to enhance your experience.

Flamenco Dance Male Female Shoes Performance Insiders Travel

“Great seats” to see some of the most spectacular, legendary flamenco performances that exemplify the art form.

Details & Booking

Price: Your own private session is US$ 250 / £ 195 / 215 € / AU$ 352  from 1 to 10 people.
Available: Every day
Start time and duration: TBD, 1.5 hours
What’s included: Professional dancer as your guide, glossary of flamenco terms, class on Zoom.

***RESERVATION must be made up to 1 week before.

  • We will email you the glossary prior to your session
  • You’ll have the “best seats in the house”!
  • The dancer will watch the show with you and give further insight throughout the performance.
  • This class is held on Zoom. If you aren’t familiar with the platform, we would be delighted to send you information on how to get started and linked up!


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If you love dance, song and music, definitely book this!

“I returned to Madrid in April 2019 for a second visit. I had such a great time with Joanna on a Tapas Tour with Insider’s Madrid on my first visit (see 2012 review) that I decided to book a tour with them again. This time, my mom and I toured with Susana for the Flamenco Uncovered experience. Before the show, we met Susanna for dinner and drinks. She is trained in flamenco dance, so she was able to share with us the history and tradition of the song, dance and the music. I had lots of questions and Susanna had lots of answers. We had such a great time talking and enjoying our meal, we were almost late to the show! We had front row seats and experienced the show in new way given our new knowledge. This was our second flamenco show and we enjoyed it even more because of the time we spent with Susana. If you love dance, song and music, definitely book this tour!”

If you are interested in flamenco, you must take our private Flamenco Dance Class - Virtual Edition!