The Royal Jewels

Throughout history, precious stones have inspired lust, treason, greed, curses and treasure hunts. The name “jewel” comes from latin “to rejoice”. Not only have gemstones been offered as a token of love, but they have also been worn as a symbol of fame, power, and wealth.

We’ll embark on a fascinating voyage, that will give us insight into the world of jewellery. We look through a selection of works spanning from the 15th to the 19th century, seen through some of the magnificent artworks that are treasured in the Prado and the Thyssen, two of the most famed Spanish Museums. To cover more modern times, we’ll also remember briefly the splendid exhibition on Cartier and the world of art that took place some years ago in this museum.

Just think of some of the brilliant stories that we’ll unravel in the mysterious world of jewellery and gemstones….

Online Experiences Royal Jewels Isabel de Valois
Online Experiences Mengs, Maria Luisa of Parma, Prado Museum

Answers to questions like...

Online Experience Art Royal Jewels Isabella of Castile

Is the legend about Isabella the Catholic pawning her jewels to finance Columbus’ voyage true?

… and, what is the secret of the coral beads in Ghirlandaio’s portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni?

Hans Holbein, the Younger, Around 1497-1543_Portrait_of_Henry_VIII_of_England

Where did Henry VIII of England ever obtain such a great collection of jewels?

… and have you ever heard about the theft of the fabulous Treasure of the Dolphin, now in the Prado?

Online Experiences Royal Jewels Elizabeth Taylor 1953

Would you like to hear the exhilarating tale of a priceless pearl that ended up between the jaws of Elizabeth Taylor’s pup? And the Ana María pearl?

… and who inspired Cartier’s panther?

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