A course of 3 x 1 hour Sessions

Sacred Art: God at the Gallery

Throughout the ages, Christian art served the twofold objective of paying homage to God whilst serving as a didactic illustration for the population. These illuminating sessions will introduce participants to how different artistic traditions from countries such as Spain, Italy and Flanders have depicted the most significant events in the Bible. Formidable traditions governed the representation of religious scenes, and yet artists of the past continually renewed them through creative engagement with established conventions. During these three non-sequential sessions, we will analyse in depth works from the 13th century to the 18th century; including paintings by Bosch, Van der Weyden, Fra Angelico, El Greco, Zurbarán and Velázquez.

Sacred Art in Spain Adam and Eve Albrecht Dürer Insiders Travel
Sacred Art in Spain Fra Angelico The Annunciation
Sacred Art in Spain Cristo en la Cruz Zurbarán Prado Insiders Travel



Session 1: The Creation

Was it really an apple?
What did the Garden of Eden look like?
Is the blame always on Eve?


Session 2: The Nativity

Do Luke and Matthew tell the same story?
Why is baby Jesus fully dressed in Medieval images, whilst he is naked in Renaissance art?
We usually believe that the Magi were three, but could we be wrong?
And what about the colour of angels?


Session 3: The Passion of Jesus Christ

Why was the formidable Disrobing of Christ by El Greco rejected by the dean of the Cathedral of Toledo?
What is the role of Mary Magdalene in the Resurrection?
Why do skulls and bones often appear at the foot of the Cross?

Details & Booking

Price: Your private session starts is $75 USD per person, for all 3 sessions

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Duration: 1 hour per session

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What’s included:  Sessions on Zoom by a professional art historian


  • NOTE: This class is held on Zoom. If you aren’t familiar with the platform, we would be delighted to send you information on how to get started and linked up!