Sorolla, Master of Light

Joaquín Sorolla, from the coastal town of Valencia, has become one of Spain’s most important artists. For the late 19th-century painter, high society, fashion, travelling along the northern Spanish coast and family life were among his favourite subjects. He encapsulating the perfect light in every enthralling scene.

With our expert art historian (and eternal Sorolla fan) leading the way, we look at Sorolla’s most wonderful & significant pieces.

Online experience Joaquín_Sorolla_y_Bastida_-_Strolling_along_the_Seashore
Sorolla girl beach

Learn specifically about Sorolla's interpretations of...


The Sea

Sorolla girl beach

In the second half of the 19th century, it became fashionable for members of  the upper classes to spend the summer in Santander, Zarautz, San Sebastián, Biarritz and other  seaside towns. Fashionable clothing and sophisticated accessories such as parasols and hats  played an essential role in these elegant settings and Sorolla, a prominent witness of his time,  reflects this impeccably in his portraits painted by the sea, mostly of members of his  immediate family. 

But specially famous are his beach scenes in his home town of Valencia, where children bask in the sun and fisherwomen go about their chores. They are an ode of thanksgiving to the beauty  of nature and the joy of life.


High Society

Online experience Joaquín_Sorolla_y_Bastida_-_Strolling_along_the_Seashore

Throughout his career Sorolla received many commissions to portray  members of the upper classes, not only the bourgeoisie and aristocracy but also Spanish royalty. He also painted prominent members of American society whom he met during his trips to the United States.

In these pictures he describes and reveals the “soul” of his sitters,  the way they were and, above all, their wish to be recognized as such. A few of these works  faithfully reproduce turn-of-the-century fashions, some of which are more classical, while others are ultramodern and reflect the latest trends in dress.



His many depictions of  family scenes and the everyday life of his children and his wife indicate that family was one of the pillars of Joaquín Sorolla’s life. In particular, the numerous and extremely beautiful portraits he made over the years of his wife and muse, Clotilde García del Castillo, bear witness to his love of his family. These engaging images were also a showcase of  his work and attracted a growing clientele.

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