Picasso in Madrid:
Tracing his Life & Art in the 1900's

With a special visit to the Palace Hotel's 1912 Bar Museum



The 8th of April, 2023, marks the 50th anniversary since the death of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

Picasso’s Madrid: Tracing the Life & Art of a Revolutionary Master in the 1900s is a tour that studies the artist’s life & work as well as his short, yet impactful, time in Madrid. 

Your private guide will meet you at the Goya Statue in front  of the  Prado  Museum and take you on a walk through the early 20th century. As  you stand outside, learn about Picasso’s  first visit to the museum with his father and when he was appointed director  in 1936, shortly after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. Next, you’ll head to the Reina Sofia Museum to see some of Picasso’s most important works, including his 1937, Guernica, which was exhibited at the International Exhibition in Paris that year.

After, you will walk through the oldest area of Madrid, the Austrias neighbourhood, and up to the iconic Sol neighbourhood to visit a very special cape shop. Picasso not only would get capes from this shop sent to him while he was abroad, but he is also buried in one of the capes made by this shop! 

Stop in front of the San Fernando Fine Art Royal Academy, where at 16 years old, Picasso studied in 1897, and was exposed to the work of many great Spanish artists.

Finish the tour in the 1912 Bar at the Westin Palace Hotel and learn about Picasso’s multiple stays here over the years.



Prado Museum stop & REina Sofia Museum visit

Your first stop is in front of the Prado to learn about its many connections to Picasso, followed by a deep dive into Picasso’s masterpieces in the Reina Sofia Museum.

cape maker, artisan madrid

Private visit to very special CAPE Shop

 Picasso not only would get capes from this shop sent to him while he was abroad, but he is also buried in one of the capes made by this shop!

San Fernando Fine Art Royal Academy
& Picasso's ResErvation

Stop into the Palace Hotel’s 1912 Bar Museo where you’ll see the reservation book with Picasso’s name!


Available: Everyday, except Tuesdays & Sundays 

Meeting Place: In front of the Goya statue in front of the Prado Museum.

End Place: 1912 Bar Museum in the Westin Palace Hotel

Meeting Time: 10:00am or 5:00pm

Duration: 3-4 hours

What’s included:  Privately guided tour, entrances to the Reina Sofia Museum, private visit to cape shop & its atelier



Our Half Day Tours are priced from €400 for 1-2 participants for the guiding service only (this excludes any entrance fees, meals, beverages, or transportation costs).


For exact pricing tailored to your needs, please contact Meg at meg@insiderstravel.io or simply click the ‘Book Now’ button.


♥ Availability may change due to national or local holidays.

♥  This tour involves standing. Please share mobility issues so that we can make sure your time with us is comfortable.♥ Also available in Español, Français, Português, etc.

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