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Virtual Art Experiences

“Great art is like an open window to the variety and beauty of the world”, Terete, one of our gifted art historians

“…it’s as if she had a time machine and transported us to meet the artists so we could learn about their inspiration and process.”

“Truly moving.”

“It was exquisite. All the details you can never see on a physical tour. Such a calming, engaging experience.”

Professional Art Historians and guides take you on a deep dive into Masterpieces and pivotal works.

Each experience below is available upon request for your group or class. We also host open, sign up Virtual Art Experiences, to start back up in September!



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Nina Rumbough

(Private Virtual Art Experience client)

“I have known and used Joanna and Insiders Travel since 2011. I would not dream of going to Spain without her expertise, knowledge and her insider access to amazing and fun experiences! Over the years I have challenged her to find different experiences and she always rises above and beyond to deliver amazing experiences which of course translates to amazing memories!
During Covid lockdowns, I have been using Joanna’s talents to bring Spain to my group of adventure seeking friends. We have had wonderful and unique ZOOM’S! Can’t wait to go back and see how Joanna again in Spain! Ole!”
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Ros Ives

(Private Virtual Art Experience client)

Wonderful Virtual Art History Tour

“In these crazy COVID times, I signed up for a virtual tour experience with a number of friends. The 5 senses – an Art Tour exceeded my expectations and was even better than being at the Prado museum in Madrid. Our tour guide Teresa, was an expert in the art of Spain. She guided us thru the paintings of the most famous Spanish artists while also giving us unique insight into several of the masterpieces. It was really fun sharing this one hour Zoom experience with our friends. I highly recommend this tour for anyone with even a mild interest in art!”

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Returning Virtual ART Experience, client at the end of the session

I'm just blown away...

Every tour that we do with you, that you do for us, I’m just blown away by how you present art. It’s so holistic, in the way you tie so many things together. It just makes it fascinating. Thank you.”

Louise Fox

The very heart and soul of Spanish culture in all its finery.

“Balenciaga happens to be one of my most favourite haute couturiers so it was a real treat to listen to (our guide) speak most informatively on how the Spanish art masters (most of whose works are housed in Madrid’s Museums) influenced Balenciaga’s  designs. Parallels can easily be drawn between Balenciaga’s choice of shape, architectural form, colour, fabric, embroidery and embellishment and the portraits of Velázquez, El Greco and Goya resulting in Balenciaga’s exquisite collections that truly reflect the very heart and soul of Spanish culture in all its finery.  This is an unmissable series of talks and will have you planning your next escape to the delights of all things Hispanic…” – after the last Fashion in Art session